Superglue Lyrics/Annotations

Since besides making my music, I like nothing more than talking about it unprompted, I thought it might be cool to provide and annotate the lyrics as we release some of these tunes. So if you were curious, here are the words to Superglue. Read along, children.  *This probably won't work on mobile, I'll need to find a better format in the future.*

  • I remember coming up with this verse when I was running through the Bywater at midnight with a waltz rhythm in my head. I had been through a breakup and become obsessed with exercise, and I was just challenging myself to get over the physical discomfort, as well as whatever was going on in my life.


  • I've never actually considered doing this and neither should you, it's illegal and wrong.

  • I don't have a drug habit, but drugs do fascinate and influence me. Consequently, they show up in the lyrics with some frequency. I've changed this lyric back and forth from "caffeine" (my actual addiction) interchangably in the past, this version just happened to make the record.

  • Since this song has such a personal tone I feel compelled again to note that this just illustrates a certain impulse. Don't call anyone a bitch, even if they stole your gf.
  • Gorilla®, Loctite®, Krazy® brands, send your licensing bids to my legal team,

I believe in my body; it hasn't failed me in a quarter-century
I've been to the bottoms of basement staircases and fumbled for lightswitches
And I've never fallen so hard I could not resurrect myself and steady
The clanging of pots and pans, catch all the falling glass
Threatening to bury me.

And I know you're mine, but I can't find you
Those things I put away last night are hiding too

I could put up pictures of you on the internet, but that just wouldn't be me.
Instead I'll eat only leaves, stay clean and put money into things I can keep.

Any more cocaine and I'll be awake endlessly wishing to switch my dreams
For some with more promise, 'cause when I'm being honest
I don't think that I believe the things you used to promise me.

And I read your notes, but I don't want to

As I peel you from me like superglue
But if I let go I'm the one falling through

This terrible net of forgetting my love for you

I know you've tried to replace me with some strait-laced guy who's good-looking and rich

I want to see him someplace, punch him straight in the face and say happy birthday, bitch.

Cause I know you're mine, but I can't find you
As I peel you from me like superglue
But if I let go I'll be the one falling through
This terrible game of forgetting my love for you